Away from baby…

DH has a work trip in South America for 10 days. I have always joined him on this trip, but this year, with a nursing baby, I have considered it impossible to join him. A friend was trying to convince me that it is still possible to go. After doing some research, I have decided to see if it is possible. There are mainly three parts to this plan: 1. Finding a nanny for the baby 2. A schedule for pumping to store ahead. 3. Maintain supply during the time away from baby

Finding the nanny would be the most simple part of the plan… Although finding someone whom we can entrust our baby with is proving to be more complicated than we thought. It definitely makes us question our friendships with close friends like never before… The more painful part would be to introduce solids to the baby and then leave shortly after that.

Pump schedule… I have just starting pumping today, trying to pump after feeding. There is not a lot left after feeding, I would imagine my body has adjusted to what our baby needs. There are not a lot of information out there about a good schedule I am guessing that everyone’s life is a bit different. Will try pumping three times a day after feeding. Also read a suggestion to take supplements to increase the milk supply, so started on fenugreek, a lactation blend supplement and nursing support tea. A recipe from for lactation cookies kept me busy for a while as well. Will continue with updates on milk supply.

Maintaining supply… Nothing I need to do at the moment, but read that one mom pump and dump while away to maintain supply and another did the same and took supplements. I am probably doing to pump and supplement. Both moms said that baby went back to nursing within a very short period of time.

Keep this in your thoughts for us. It would be very interesting to see how this plan develops.